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Naturopath Tarago Goulburn

Helping you achieve full health and wholeness in body, mind and spirit.

I love what I do!

I love working with people,  to help them claim back their health, using a holistic medicine approach. 

I look forward to joining you on your health journey, wherever you are currently at and sharing that journey with you.     

Hi, I'm Tania & I'm so glad you're here,

I am passionate about helping people improve their health so they can live life to the fullest again and I would love to help YOU!

What is natural medicine?


Natural medicine isn't just about using an alternative natural "pill" but rather it is a holistic approach to health - it considers the whole person, their whole story and all the contributing factors to their current state of health.


It doesn’t just treat symptoms but addresses the underlying imbalances that cause those symptoms. 


It is both a science and an art, combining scientific and traditional evidence in practice.

What do I treat?


Naturopathy benefits everyone – those seeking to prevent disease, increase energy and maximise health as well as those seeking to manage existing health conditions, especially chronic health conditions.

naturopath mental health

Special interests

Mental health



Eating disorders

Autoimmune disease



Am I the right practitioner for you to work with? Have questions about how I work? 

naturopath queanbeyan

Ways to Work With Me

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Initial Consultation

Follow Up Consultation

Short Consultation

Kind Words

"Highly recommend this amazing lady if you’re looking for someone to help guide your wellness journey. Tania has helped me to navigate my own journey through endometriosis, hysterectomy, and a rare blood disorder - Essential Thrombocythaemia - with a calm, knowledgeable and compassionate approach"


"Tania is a lovely, welcoming naturopath who really cares about your health. She is the first person to look at my health as a whole and notice patterns and links where others have only addressed one issue. Not only that but her teas taste amazing... and they’re good for you! I highly recommend Shalom Health to anyone who wants to try natural remedies."

- Sarah

"By the time I made the appointment with Tania, I was down to eating only 5 or 6 things as most food made me sick. I knew I needed help and it wouldn't be from a GP and it would take time to get the source of my health problems. Within the first few visits to Tania, I could already feel the results and started to see light at the end of the tunnel. I booked a package of treatments with her, took the herbs and teas she recommended and it was all absolutely worth it. I now live pain free, can eat a range of good, healthy foods, have my energy back and am once again able to enjoy life."

- Julia

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