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About Tania,

Christian naturopath Tarago Goulburn Canberra region

Hi, I'm Tania - naturopath & nutritionist,

let me tell you a little about myself...  

I love God, my family & friends; sunshine & warmth, living slowly... simplicity in life, good food & laughter.


My favourite things to do are play in my garden, enjoy a good book or movie and hang out with my bestie. 


I hate the cold with a passion!


I may not fit your stereotype of a naturopath... I enjoy a glass of wine, a cup of good coffee and believe that food should be enjoyed as well as maximised for nourishment.  I believe in eating real food and filling your life with that which brings you joy.  I believe in balance - that we were made to be free, but also to look after our bodies. 

My personal health journey...

I have personally experienced many years of chronic fatigue which stemmed from maternal depletion; I have walked through post natal depression, stress and burnout, major depression, social anxiety, gut issues, food intolerances and autoimmune challenges.  I also have a son with type 1 diabetes. 


I have walked, and am still walking a journey that gives me understanding and empathy for other's health journeys – for what they may be experiencing and what may have gotten them there; as well as a passion to see people free and whole.

Fun facts about me...

  • I was born in Papua New Guinea where my parents were missionaries

  • I have 6 children (most grown & flown) & 4 grandchildren

  • I was a home educator of my children for about 23 years

  • I love food & eating well, but don't really love to cook

  • I'm currently learning ballroom & latin dancing with my husband (edit: this is currently on hold but we hope to get back to it as we loved it)

About Shalom 


Shalom is a Hebrew word rich in meaning and one that we don’t have an equivalent for in the English language.  It communicates well being and harmony both within and without... peace, harmony, wholeness in body, soul & spirit; completeness, victory, prosperity, welfare, tranquility, quietness of soul. 

It encompasses healing and restoration of every broken relationship.  It is nicely summed up, “Nothing Missing, Nothing Broken.”  It is also used as both “hello” and “goodbye”, but spoken in this way as much more than a casual or social greeting – it is a blessing, a deep desire, a prayer, encompassing all that is mentioned above.

'Shalom' expresses all that I desire for my clients.  I wish to see my clients well, whole, free and living life to the full.

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herbal medicine garden

About Naturopathy


​In many ways naturopathy is like gardening.  A gardener pays attention to the health of the soil, the location of the plant (where it thrives), what the plant needs (water, sunshine or shade; mulch, good food, good companions)...  I know that if my plant has the right conditions and is strong and healthy, it is less susceptible to disease or pests.


​Similarly, I know that if a person is well nourished, well positioned, in conditions where they thrive, has supportive relationships, is strong and healthy then they are less susceptible to disease and infection.  If the body is given what it needs then it has the ability to be well.  And when a person’s health is out of balance and weakened I work with the person to address the underlying cause and nurture it back to health.​

When I work with a client I am not only working with their presenting symptoms but the whole person and everything that has contributed to their current state of health. 

People don't realise how much difference a natural holistic approach can make to their mental health.  What we eat, what lifestyle choices we make, our sleep, our gut, herbal medicine... these are all areas I work with, and they all impact not only every aspect of our physical health, but also our mental health.

Treatment Priorities

Food as Medicine


I prefer to use food as medicine rather than just prescribe a bunch of supplements. Some people need to make a lot of dietary changes and are ready to jump in the deep end; for others this is overwhelming and we make adjustments little by little.  I continue to communicate with you to understand where you are at and work with you at your pace.

Lifestyle Adjustments

Ultimately if our body is unwell then it means we are doing something it isn’t happy with.  The healing journey therefore will require you to make changes.  I will help you to identify lifestyle choices and habits that are weakening your health; and recommend lifestyle strategies to support good health.  

 Nutritional Supplements

As I said, my preference is to use food as medicine.  Sometimes however we need some* extra supplemental assistance.  This can be for a number of reasons:

  • deficiencies or depletion as a result of poor food choices,

  • poor food quality (eg. foods grown in depleted soils) & availability,

  • higher demand of certain nutrients on the body (due to stress, illness, genetics or pregnancy). 

I prescribe brands of supplements that I know and trust for quality.

(* You'll never walk away with 20 different supplements!)

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Herbal Medicine

I love herbs!  Diet and lifestyle are foundational to health - herbs are my medicine chest.  There is so much that we can do to support and improve health with well prescribed medicinal herbs - without the level of risks and side effects of pharmaceutical medicines.  To me, herbs are God’s medicine packaged perfectly for us; with a rich history of use by healers throughout time and cultures.  In Western herbal medicine, this history has been taken and tested and we understand more about the composition and action of the herbs.


If needed I will refer you to your GP or recommend other health professionals and treatment options to complement your treatment plan.

Where necessary I will request testing – pathology or functional testing to provide additional information to what is happening in your body.

When you work with me, you get...

A healing, team  relationship

A practitioner who really listens to you, hears what you say... and even what you don't say

Someone who works WITH you - as a team; has your back and is in it for the whole journey

Clarity and Support

Everything clearly explained

Time to ask questions


A step by step approach that works with YOU, we're YOU'Rat & at your pace - not everything at once overwhelm

Practical help


A manageable plan; dietary & lifestyle recommendations

Supportive herbs & nutritional supplements 

Recipes, information, links & referrals as needed

take back your health


Qualifications & Memberships

Advanced Diploma Naturopathy

Advanced Diploma Nutritional Medicine

ACFED approved practitioner:

Completed Eating Disorder Essentials course 2020

Completed Psychological Approaches for Clients With Weight Concerns course 2020

Registered with Complementary Medicine Association (CMA)

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