Priced at more than 60% off ($4 large bags, $2 small bags, canisters $9), these teas have passed their best before date.  They are completely safe to drink, but may have lost some potency.  In many cases it is only 1 or 2 herbs in the blend which has passed it's best before date.  The following blends are available for clearance:

Immune (1 small bag left), Man flu (small bags only), Calm (small bags only), Soothe (small bags only), Cleanse, Butterfly blend (2 large bags left), Relieve

Canisters are very limited with Butterfly Blend & Calm only

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"Calm" gift pack reduced to clear at $12.  The pack includes a beautiful mindful colouring book, pencils, sharpener & a large bag of one of my clearance or short dated tea of your choice.  Combining the lovely therapeutic ritual of tea drinking with mindful colouring is very calming. These make a beautiful gift or self-care purchase.