Shalom Teas

love herbal medicine & the therapeutic benefit of including herbal teas.  I enjoy blending teas for my clients & have expanded this to include a range of teas for common complaints.

All my teas are naturopath blended (based on my training in herbal medicine), & made from high quality organic herbs.  The blends have been created to support specific therapeutic needs, but also just to taste good. 


For the best therapeutic benefit I recommend brewing 2 tsp of herbs per cup for 10 minutes and drinking 3 cups per day.

If you would like to know more about the therapeutic use of herbal teas, read Tea, Tablet or Tincture.

I have kept my pricing simple at $10 for large bags & $5 or small bags (please note prices will be going up 1st June).  I can also post teas.  I can fit 5 large bags in a $10 postal satchel.  To order teas, please contact me.

The following is my list of blends (please note I currently only have clearance stock of many of my blends with new herbs on order:

Resilience: supports stress, energy & adrenals

Immune: support for cold, flu & fever & generally supporting a healthy immune system

Man flu (clearance only): a "novel-tea" twist on my Immune blend.

Sleep: herbs to support sleep & a sense of calm

Calm (clearance only): a lovely blend of herbs for calming stress, anxiety & restlessness, as well as sleep.  A subtly flavoured tea... you could even describe the flavour as “calm”

Cleanse (clearance only): a lovely blend for improving acne & eczema & for supporting the bodies detoxification

Soothe (clearance only): soothing & calming digestive complaints

Relieve (clearance only): for relief of hayfever symptoms

Butterfly blend (clearance only): supporting women during their change of life

Mum & Bub (out of stock): supporting lactation, energy, adrenals, blood quality & calm & nourishing Mum for the high demand of breastfeeding

Tea for Tots (out of stock): calming blend for bubs & toddlers to assist with colic, wind, upset tummy, sleep, relaxation & teething difficulties

Roobios Chai: a delicious, decaffeinated chai blend, warming, supports digestion & general health.  For more information on the amazing health benefits of Rooibos, read Roobios, Green bosch & Honeybush

Green bosch & Lemon Myrtle (NEW): a lovely refreshing tea with beautifully high antioxidant properties.  See the above link to learn more about the amazing health benefits of Green bosch.

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