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Taking My Own Medicine

Updated: May 18, 2023

Signs of stress have been appearing the last few days… little cracks in my veneer. I’ve been irritable and fragile, and found myself fighting old demons of insecurity and doubt. And when I sat with it this morning, I realised I’ve not been taking my own medicine.

How often we as naturopath's (or those in other caring professions or roles in life), end up caring for those around us, while forgetting our own self care. I’ve been so focused the last few weeks on my business, my clients, my followers, on being up to speed on COVID-19, on ensuring my hygiene protocols are up to scratch, on going online with consults & online bookings (anyone who knows me & how “techy” I am, will realise

what a challenge these things have been) – so focused on all this and allowing it to pressure me - that I haven’t been applying the very principles I’ve been writing about and sharing.

So I stopped. I took a few hours (or the better part of the day) and took a bit of my own medicine - and I wanted to share it with you; because you see, we can read the posts (or in my case write them) and like them and even share them, but if we don’t stop and apply the principles, then they are worthless.

So today I…

  • Recognised my need, my areas of fragility and the old sore spots that were being prodded and chose a bit of kindness to myself.

  • Spent some time weeding my garden. This may not sound much like self care, but when I’m not pursuing it as just another job to get done, it can be quite therapeutic. It is really a mindful exercise. And with it I got a healthy dose of sunshine and time listening to the birds (which are therapy to me). The other thing I found was that it gave me some time soaking in gratitude – you see 2 months ago, everything was so dead and brown from the drought. I couldn’t find a scrap of green pick for my chooks, but now I have an abundance. I find myself thankful for the weeds because they are green and alive and refreshing (and they feed my chooks – giving me beautiful omega 3 eggs). I found myself thankful for the sunshine, the warmth and the song of the birds (as I often do when I just stop to listen and feel and soak). I soaked in gratitude for the peace of my property – and I allowed that to soak right into my spirit.

  • Then took all those weeds to my chooks and did something I don’t usually take the time to do. I just stopped and sat and watched them eating it. You see, there was just something so satisfying and also therapeutic in that. Happy chooks!

  • Put on some worship music & worshipped my God – taking my eyes off myself for a while.

  • Packed a picnic lunch and went and shared it with my 12 year old son by the dam. More gratitude there for the rain we have had and a dam that is full.

  • Went for a walk with my son. My intention being to get some exercise, but it turned into rather a long adventure – we went on a “funky fungus” treasure hunt through our bush (I'll share some photos of our favourite finds later today on my FB page).

It ended up a little different to the self-care “prescription” I wrote myself this morning, but I noticed a theme in the end – sunshine, nature & relationship. And I am in a healthier place this afternoon than I was this morning. So that was my day of self-care. I think I’ll end it with a long soak in an Epsom salt bath and a good book and tomorrow I’ll be ready to face the world again.

So what are you actually DOING today about self-care? My challenge is, don’t just read my posts (and all the other stuff out there), but actually DO something to manage your stress and look after your mental health.


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