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Why I Support International No Diet Day

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Does it surprise you that a nutritionist would promote a “no diet” day? Perhaps I should clarify what I mean by “no diet”. I’m not opposed to focusing on eating good nourishing foods, but nourishing your body is a lifestyle choice, not a diet – and one that includes freedom & pleasure in food while supporting good health.

What I don’t promote is the myriad of “diets” which promote our unhealthy diet culture – a culture that focuses on, & values weight, shape & size over health & well-being. Our society equates larger size with poor health and smaller size with good health & shames those of higher weight. But weight on its own is not a direct or unequivocal indicator of our health. You can be of a larger size & in great health, or a smaller size & have loads of health issues.

Not only that but studies actually show that diets don’t work & weight cycling (yo-yo dieting) is unhealthy, and most people not only put the weight back on but gain extra weight as well. In this case you are better off not dieting at all.

Additionally, people who engage in dieting behaviours are more likely to have poorer physical and mental health, experience more body dissatisfaction, lower self-esteem & are at a higher risk of eating disorders.

Here’s 4 suggestions to start your ditch the diet journey:

1. Throw out the scales & diet books. 2. Declutter your wardrobe & donate your “when I lose weight” clothes. 3. Detox your social media – unfollow accounts that make you feel insecure about your body & weight. 4. Just enjoy what you eat!


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